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Is your website mobile friendly?

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  • on April 2, 2015

tags: Mobile, SEO

Expect to see your site fall down the search results if it is not mobile responsive due to Google’s announcement of a change to their search algorithms.

It sounds brutal, but it is a response by the search giant to the ever-increasing reliance on mobile devices for internet use. The change is expected to kick in during April 2015.

Why it matters

  • Over 75% of Aussies use their mobile to access the internet
  • Search activity from mobiles should grow past 50% of all search activity in 2015
  • 95% of all online searches made in Australia are through Google

What to do about it

If your business needs search engine traffic then make sure your site is mobile responsive. Is your site mobile responsive?

  • Not Sure – Check your site here.
  • Yes it is! – Yay, take that as a win!
  • Nope – No dramas. Fixing that can be straightforward. Give Drumbeat a call. We’ll let you know your options and budgets over the phone.

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